SNA OS would be compatible with all the existing distributions of the OS by providing the following functionalities apart from the one's that are used now in the general NOS:

1. Separate Kernel on its own – Kernel tuned to Network based integrity
2. Separate File management – file management using shares…
3. Boot loaders – based on GRUB, to be developed on our own
4. Security based on Digital certificates, digital signatures, digital envelopes
5. Port scanning of the FTP, HTTP and SMB servers for single host or subnet
6. Faulty network router – to test network applications and QoS
7. Ports Log maintenance
8. Patch management
9. User’s option, to scan FTP, HTTP or SMB services for file pattern
10. Removal of Anonymous file shares
11. Client identified as Vulnerable, to be maintained in Suspect log and blocked
12. Accessing switch, firewall and or DHCP server
13. Encryption of NetworkAdministrationInfo
14. Chat rooms for admin’s to remotely verify the authentication of the user
15. Port Blocks for high speed streaming of unwanted data
16. Trace route – Application to trace opened vulnerable software
17. Anti-spamming and Trojan tracing
18. Pinging vulnerable Client’s to warn them
19. Checking for worm’s in network
20. Creating separate dynamic workspace for code testing, similar to sandbox
21. Client workspace at local disk entered through authentication of the Server
22. Vulnerability database to be secured
23. Integration with mobile agents
24. Time scheduling of all activities
25. User’s knowledge about the OS to be traced using logs, blocked if misused
26. Probing into ports – To scan the application names and versions
27. Checking server application and version – to check release of patches
28. Log for not updated (un-patched) PC’s
29. Filter unauthorized and illegal file shares